Why You Need a Baby Humidifier in Your Baby Nursery

No parent can live in comfort when his newborn baby constantly cries and screams. As a result of uncomfortable weather and surroundings. More often than not, these cries will give the parents sleepless nights too, resulting in loss of sleep and reduced productivity the next day.

In fact, studies show that households which constantly lose sleep because of crying babies also lose 11 percent of their income.

One of the main causes of discomfort and sleeplessness in babies is common cold which often occurs during the winter. Most babies also experience dry skin during this season.

The FDA does not recommend the use of drugs for treating colds in children under 2 years of age since the cold is self-limiting and will resolve within one to two weeks. This more often than not is a huge headache for caregivers.

Baby Humidifier

Installing a humidifier in the nursery is one of the best ways to relieve cold, provide comfort for your newborn, and help him sleep more peacefully. Keep reading to discover all the great reasons why you need a baby humidifier in your baby nursery.

Why Do You Need a Baby Humidifier in Your Baby Nursery?

A humidifier is great for increasing moisture in the air to relieve flu and cough symptoms. A humidifier is a machine that increases moisture or humidity in a room or entire building.

During winter when people crack up the heat in the room, the air becomes dry and stuffy due to less circulation of oxygen and the harsh air leads to different sinus and respiratory problems. A humidifier in the corner of the room refreshes and moisturizes the air, making it easier for you to breath.

Humidifier Use for Babies

A humidifier in a baby room is used to help relieve your baby’s congestion and also to relieve dry skin. Dry skin is usually as a result of dry air, so use a baby humidifier will keep your baby’s skin is very soft and smooth.

The baby humidifier clears up any mucus in the sinuses and also in the chest. This makes your little angel sleep more comfortably and makes you happier

While your baby nursery features a rocking chair, a table which has drawer attached to it, a crib, crib mattress, crib pillow, teddy bear, lamp, bedtime lighting, toys, a changing table, diapers among other necessities, a humidifier is a must-have for the nursery.  

The Humidifier in Your Baby Nursery

As a parent, I have had the privilege of nursing children both with and without the help of a humidifier. With my experience, I discovered the following things which are 100% backed by research.

1. Babies have sensitive skin and can be irritated more especially during winter or dry climate causing the baby to have a dry skin, dry eyes, itchy skin and chapped lips.

Using a baby humidifier prevents dry skin because it adds moisture to the air. This allows the skin to retain its natural moistness, reducing eczema and flare-ups and keeps your baby’s body well and soft.

2. The baby humidifier helps ease cold symptoms for your child. I tell you as a parent, it’s not always easy seeing your child go through nasal congestion, and it causes a lot of discomfort for the baby.

However, having a good baby humidifier will help in relieving such discomfort for the child. It kills the germs which spread cold and always provides warmth for my baby. Trust me, it will do the same for you.  

3. Humidifiers help your baby sleep well thus also giving you peace through the night, and a sound sleep. By clearing nasal congestion, it improves the level of comfort your little angel is going to experience.

4. Having a Humidifier may reduce your heating cost when compared to conventional room heaters. You don’t spend much on utility bills because it consumes less electrical energy. Whenever the weather is cold, just turn on the humidifier, leave it on low heat and enjoy the warmth. It produces without any negative effects of artificial heating.

best humidifier for baby

05. it’s a lubricator -Your baby’s vocal cords are very sensitive to changes in temperature. If the temperature is high, it leads to dryness in the throat and if it is cold it can spread diseases. A humidifier can moderate the temperature and lubricate your baby’s throat so as to prevent dryness or disease.

06. Humidifiers give off a rhythmic humming noise which closely mimics the sounds babies hear in the womb. It also masks regular noise in the house. The overall effect is that babies feel more comfortable and will sleep more readily.

Final Words

In conclusion, it is widely accepted that a humidifier is a gadget you must install in your baby nursery. These baby-friendly machines provide overall comfort for your little angels and give those clearer noses, healthier skin, great sleep comfort and better quality of rest.

Based on the recommendations of pediatricians and from my experience. I strongly insist that this is a device you must include on your shopping list when equipping your baby nursery.

Better health condition; peaceful sleep for babies, which results in a good night’s rest for parents; increased comfort; smoother skins and lips are just a few of the reasons why you need a humidifier in your baby nursery.

Your nursery currently doesn’t have one? Stop right there, drop all you are doing, go online and order one immediately.

Your innocent little baby deserves it and will thank you for that hearty smile all day long.

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