Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo Review

If you’ve just had a new baby enter your family, you’ve probably spent some time looking for toys to keep them occupied.  In this content, I discussed Fisher-price Luv u Zoo Jumperoo review. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo Review

As a new parent, it can be difficult to find the right toy for your new bundle of joy. You need something that will capture their attention, and help develop crucial skills.

That’s why the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is the perfect toy for them to play with. Read Fisher-price Luv u Zoo Jumperoo and pick one for your new baby!

It allows your child to stay in a standing position while they’re playing. It helps develop motor skills, and the sturdy frame provides extra protection. Here’s why you should consider the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo for your child.


The design of the Jumperoo allows your child to play while standing up. It will hold their head up unassisted, so they can develop neck muscles.

Even if your child cannot walk or climb, they’ll love hanging out in the Jumperoo. They can reach every toy in their vicinity without struggling to reach them.

The sturdy frame supports their weight to keep them safe and protected. Your child will enjoy countless hours in the best Jumperoo when they’re playing.


There is music, lights, and sounds that will capture your child’s attention while they’re playing.  When your child jumps up and down in the seat, the music and lights come alive.

It’s a reward system that encourages your child to keep playing and help them develop their motor skills. They can pick out their favorite toy, and enjoy everything it has to offer.


Assembly is easy to do, and when your child is done playing, it only takes a few minutes to disassemble. The tubes do come apart, which makes the Jumperoo easy to transport and store away. When your child is done playing, you can remove the tubes safe and quickly to put it away till next time.

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

It’s portable enough that you can take the whole set over to grandma’s house for extra playing time.

Fisher-Price Brand

Fisher-Price has been around since the 1930s, and they take pride in their baby products. If you’ve ever owned a toy as a child, it has more than likely been a Fisher-Price product.

Their focus on stimulating toys and products has helped children develop crucial motor skills. They are recognized throughout the world, and Fisher-Price is what people think of when they hear about baby toys. You know you’re getting a quality product when you choose Fisher-Price


  • Sturdy and free standing base
  • Spinning and adjustable seat
  • Soft spring covers
  • Bouncing Springs
  • Zoo-themed music is played
  • Animals make sounds
  • Lights up when the child jumps
  • Introduces textures and shapes
  • Non-slip footings
  • Durable frame
  • Compact enough to store away or transport
  • Uses AA batteries
  • Easy access to on and off switch
  • Materials include plastic and metal


  • Toys are simplistic
  • Music isn’t too loud or obnoxious
  • Makes noise when the baby bounces
  • The colors aren’t too bright
  • Fabric coated springs keep fingers safe
  • The base is stable
  • Small tray for keeping snacks
  • Adjustable seat for continued use
  • Plenty of toys to play with


  • Some parts of the toys can be pulled out by the baby
  • Some toys may be too far to reach for some baby’s
  • It can be difficult to assemble
  • The lowest setting may not allow your child to reach the floor
  • The seat is difficult to adjust


  • Does the Luv U Jumperoo have a rotating seat?

Yes, it does. Your child can reach the toys to their sides easily by turning their seat.

  • Is the seat padded and comfortable?

The seat is not padded. The back is though, so your child will stay comfortable while in the seat.

  • How can I adjust the seat height?

You want to look underneath the jumper and pull the silver bar out. You can slide the strap off, and adjust it to the right height. There are labels that allow you to match up all three of the straps.


If you’re looking for a play set that will keep your baby content for hours, this is one they will love. It has everything a child wants in a play set, including music, lights, and sounds.

The interactive noises the play set makes when your child bounces will encourage them to keep playing.  It’s a crucial step towards developing motor skills and helping them learn. The shapes of the toys allow them to concentrate on their toys.

Since it is a Fisher-Price product, your baby will love having a toy they can grow into. It’s a Jumperoo that is both fun and exciting for your baby to learn and grow.

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