MyKick Balance Bike Review

I remember the first time my son wanted to ride a bike. He was only three years old and, as much as he tried, he couldn’t reach the pedals. They were just too far away. Plus, he was afraid of falling. That’s when we discovered balance bikes.

Balance bikes are a wonderful way to teach kids how to ride. Kids learn coordination, confidence, and, of course, balance so they can skip training wheels and move straight to big-kid pedal bikes when they’re ready.

But not all balance bikes are the same. It’s important to choose a quality bike that’s comfortable and grows with your child, which is why you will find this MyKick Balance Bike Review very helpful.

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Why A Balance Bike?

The best balance bikes are by far the easiest way to teach kids how to ride. They have no pedals or training wheels so kids can concentrate solely on learning balance and steering. Good balance is essential to safe bike riding.

If kids feel unsteady, all they do is put their feet on the ground giving them a sense of control so they lose their fear of falling. They gain confidence and courage to continue learning, which means more fun and fewer bumps and bruises.

Your Toddler Isn’t Too Young

Some parents find it difficult to believe that a two-year-old can learn to ride a bike. The truth is that if kids can walk they can ride. Most balance bikes have a step-through frame so even toddlers can climb on easily.

If they can’t reach the ground with their feet, they hold the handle bars and scoot the bike along until they get the hang of it. When kids start with a balance bike, they learn to ride safely more quickly.

What You Should Look for in a Balance Bike

Tire Material and Size. Tires are often made of hard foam, plastic, or rubber. Rubber is the better material. It lasts longer and has better traction. Tires range from 12-16”. Start smaller kids with 12” wheels.

Weight. Kids need a bike they can handle and move. Look for one that weighs less than 12 pounds but has a high weight capacity so it can handle your growing child.

Seat Height. The seat should be adjustable so your child’s feet reach the ground. Look for a bike with a low seat height (about 12”), low stand-over height, and a quick-release clamp to make changes easier.

Frame Construction and Design. Lightweight, rust-resistant materials are best. Small kids can’t swing their legs over a bike, so look for a bike with an easy, step-through frame.

Wait…What About Brakes?

Despite what many parents think, kids don’t need brakes on a balance bike. Kids instinctively use their feet to stop the bike simply by touching the ground. Even if the bike has a handbrake, kids will still want to use their feet instead. With no pedals, their feet will keep them from going too fast plus give them full control. That means less tipping over and fewer chances for getting hurt. For kids, foot power is the safest way to stop and go.

Features of the Burley MyKick Balance Bike

The Burley MyKick Balance Bike has a long list of great features every parent will love.
• Lightweight aluminum frame
• Slim step-through design
• Weighs only 11 pounds
• Natural, no-air rubber tires with sturdy honeycomb design
• Adjustable seat post and handlebars with quick-release
• Spoked wheels on aluminum rims
• Wheel size of 12”
• Ball bearing wheel hubs and headset for smooth handling
• Low seat height at 12”, ranges up to 16” for taller kids
• Stand-over height at 12.5”
• Comfortable hand grips and seat
• 50-pound weight capacity
• Comes fully assembled


• Lightweight, durable construction
• Rust- and scratch-resistant
• Adjustable seat post with quick-release
• Step-through frame with slim design
• Low stand-over height
• Rubber, no-air tires with sturdy honeycomb design
• Ball bearing hubs and wheels for easier turning
• High weight capacity for growing kids
• Comes fully assembled


• No footrest to give kids a break
• Might be a little small for tall kids
• There isn’t a larger version for older kids
• Some kids may find its 11-pound weight still a little too heavy

Check Latest Price: MyKick Balance Bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the MyKick Balance Bike come fully assembled as they say?
A. The bike arrives fully assembled as advertised. You will only need to straighten the handlebars and adjust the seat height to fit your child.

Q. Is not having a footrest a good thing?
A. Footrests are not necessary. Many kids find a footrest gets in their way of moving the bike and especially when they want to stop quickly. If they want to rest, most kids simply pick up their feet and coast.

Q. What if my child is shorter than average? Is this bike too big?
A. Even shorter kids can enjoy this bike. The seat can be lowered to a mere 12” so their feet can easily reach the ground.


As this MyKick Balance Bike Review proves, this is a quality-made bike with many well thought out features that both you and your child will appreciate.

Among other things, it has exceptional construction and design, no-puncture rubber tires, an adjustable seat and handlebar, and a low stand-over height.

Best of all, it’s lightweight and easy to steer so kids learn balance, coordination, and safety while gaining confidence as they roll down the sidewalk. This is a great bike to teach your child how to ride and get ready for pedal bikes. It’s worth every penny.

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