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Top 10 Baby Birthday Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

As your kid’s first birthday knocking on the door, it’s expected that you will are occupied with lots of things centering the event. If I’m not wrong, you are spending most of your time caring for the baby, planning the event, sending invitations, preparing for every little thing, right? Amidst all these, it will not […]

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How Much Should Your 10 Week Old Baby Weight?

Your baby’s weight gain and physical development mean a lot when it comes to taking the proper care of the newborn, right? As newborn kids are completely dependent, it is so natural that you will remain engaged round the clock doing lots of things for the baby as well as for yourself. And, all these […]

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6 Most Effective Parenting Goals for Cool Parents

Being the cool parents have never been easier. It requires lots of efforts and engagements to be considered as the coolest parent to the kids. However, setting parenting goals can help you to a great extent towards better parenting. First-time parents in such cases might find themselves a bit out of water due to the […]

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How to Encourage Your Kids to Ride a Balance Bike?

Teaching your child how to ride a balance bike is indeed a matter of great joy! However, there are chances that it can be the most challenging job as well, especially when your kid isn’t that interested. It happens so often that parents find their kid not interested in going to the ground. Many children […]

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The Ultimate Guide for Successful Breastfeeding

As most of the parents say, breastfeeding the newborn is indeed one of the most satisfying experience of mommy-hood as well as of the parenting journey.  Though the first-time mamas find it a bit uncomfortable, even painful sometimes, at the very beginning of newborn nursing, they get used to with the passage of time. Still, thousands of […]

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When Can I Carry My Baby in a Carrier?

When Can I Carry My Baby in a Carrier? It is probably one of the most frequently asked questions, especially by working moms that appears on various parenting blogs. The best baby carrier is indeed a great parenting gear for moms who don’t want to keep their babies unattended. However, there are rumors regarding the […]

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