Top 10 Ways to Preparing for Breastfeeding Before Baby Arrives

There’s no doubt that breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding experiences in life as a mom, right? However, chances are there that you may end up with issues you have never thought of, and as a result, you might be discouraged from breastfeeding your newborn.

Yes, breastfeeding can be a stressful and even painful experience sometimes if you don’t know how to deal with it. Wondering, what will happen to your unborn? Here are the Top 10 Ways to Preparing for Breastfeeding Before Baby Arrives. Let’s check them out in the following without delay!

How to Preparing for Breastfeeding before Baby Arrives?

Well, to be very specific to the point, successful breastfeeding requires practice as well as support from both, you and the baby. It’s something you both master with the passage of time.

Preparing for Breastfeeding Before Baby Arrives

However, preparing yourself for breastfeeding before your little one arrives is indeed the best practice if you long for successful breastfeeding sessions later on. Here is how you need to approach when preparing yourself for the most satisfying breastfeeding experience.

01. Prepare Yourself Mentally:

When it comes to having a successful breastfeeding experience, mental and emotional preparation comes in the first place. If you’re not determined, no matter whether it’s your first time or you’ve breastfed your baby before, you might end up with quitting so early being frustrated and opt out for formula.

You will find a number of moms out there in different parenting forums who wanted to breastfeed their kid at first but ended up with formula feeding within just a week of breastfeeding. Wondering, WHY? Well, simply, maybe they weren’t too dedicated to providing their babies with the best ever nutrition they could offer the newborn.

It’s true that breastfeeding the newborn is a natural process; however, it requires a strong mindset, determination, and dedication to be honest. If you bear in mind that you have options (like formula feeding and so on) to go for, you may tend to give up thinking breastfeeding is not for you.

Yes, some psychophysical issues are there when breastfeeding doesn’t work that well as you might be expecting due to some limitation from both parents and kid’s end. But, it will indeed be difficult if your mind takes the route to formula feeding at the very beginning.

If you are determined and want to breastfeed your little one with all your heart, you can surely overcome silly issues arming yourself with the proper guideline for successful breastfeeding. So, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for breastfeeding when the little one is inside you, stay positive, and keep scrolling to the bottom of the post!

02. Learn the Breastfeeding Basics:

Though breastfeeding is a natural process, the art, as well as techniques of successful and convenient breastfeeding, might not come as naturally as you might be expecting.

Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

You need to allow yourself enough time and effort learning about breastfeeding, okay? Learning the basics of breastfeeding before the baby arrives is somewhat a common task most of the concerned moms do nowadays.

You will find a number of websites, blogs, parenting forums, books, even DVDs out there to assist you in this. Again, you can also take a class or even online course on breastfeeding and newborn nursing for the most convenient parenting experience.

Remember, learning about the arms and the techniques to use them in the right way is half of the battle. The rest is up to your determination and dedication for your little one to provide it with the best nutrition it needs to grow up healthily.

03. Call in A Lactation Expert:

Consulting a lactation expert when you are planning to breastfeed your newborn is the best practice as always. Then again, a lactation expert can determine whether you are ready for breastfeeding or not by examining your overall health condition, including your weight, breast, and nipples before your little angel arrives.

Based on your nipples, i.e., flat or inverted, a lactation expert can also suggest you the most convenient nursing positions as well.

Apart from that, consulting a doctor or even a lactation expert can benefit you form several other aspects too. She can guide you having a healthy diet during pregnancy, maintaining weight to give birth to a healthy baby, and how to nail successful breastfeeding as well.

04. Learn About Breastfeed Baby Behaviors:

When it comes to detecting the baby behaviors round the clock, you will see a visible difference between a breastfeed baby and a formula-fed baby for sure. To be more precise, you will find a notable difference when it comes to feeding the baby timely.

Not sure how many times you need to feed your little one? Check out How Often You Should Feed the Newborn.
Breastfeed babies require more frequent feeding sessions than the formula-fed baby as breast milk digest more quickly than formula.

So, based on how much breast milk your little one intakes, you may need to feed the baby at least once in every 3-4 hours. Conversely, a formula-fed baby will require comparatively less feeding sessions than a breastfed kid.

Apart from that, you should also know the “hunger cues” other than the “Cry” babies usually show to mean they are hungry and require nursing badly. Learning these signs will help you to have a healthy, happy, and less fussy kid as a breastfeeding mom.

05. Learn Different Latching Techniques:

It is needless to describe the importance of learning different latching techniques when you preparing for breastfeeding. You can head over different parenting blogs, involve in conversations on this on various parenting forums to come up with more practical ways.

Besides, you will find a number of videos on latching techniques performed by real moms with their kids. Videos in this regard are considered more helpful and easier to master the techniques than prescribed texts. And, if everything is all right, you are more likely to have almost a first-hand like experience after watching a few times, I guess.

06. Get to Know Some Convenient Breastfeeding Positions:

When it comes to successful and convenient breastfeeding, position plays a really important role, to be very practical. A number of ways out there you can try to position your baby right way during breastfeeding sessions. However, each hold is unique and has some particular advantages, both for the kid and the mommy.

As a first-timer, you can start with the “Cradle Hold” -most common and widely used position where you hold the little one across your tummy. However, you can experiment with different positions to come up with the most suitable one for your baby as well as for you. Again, you can even try different breastfeeding positions for each breast as well.

Among some of the most common breastfeeding positions, you can try Cradle Hold, Football Hold, Sitting Hold, Side-Lying, Laid Back Breastfeeding, etc. And, at a certain point, with the passage of time, you will find a “go to” position that suit both of you.

07. Prepare A Comfortable Newborn Nursery:

Like the rest of the moms, you too probably have a plan for decorating a newborn nursery the way you dream, right? As experts suggest, you should have your newborn nursery decorated by the end of your third trimester.

You should prepare a comfortable newborn nursery with all the essentials next to hand so that you and your partner don’t mess up with things when the newborn arrives home.

Here is our Newborn Nursery Checklist guided by nursery experts. Make sure you have everything ready, and you are all set to welcome the little guest in your sweet home.

Like I mentioned earlier, a well-equipped nursery also plays an important role along with positioning the baby comfortably when it comes to breastfeeding.

Remember to have a breastfeeding chair in your baby nursery for more comfortable feeding sessions with the little one. I personally recommend this at least as long as your baby is not ready to be nursed anywhere in the apartment. And you a baby humidifier because a humidifier increases humidity levels during dry winter & decrease the moisture in your baby nursery.

08. Get the Feeding Essentials Ready:

Even though you are planning for breastfeeding your little one, it’s good to have some handy feeding essentials in your newborn nursery. And, make sure to have these things ready at hand before you return from the hospital with the baby.

As I mentioned earlier, the third trimester is the best time for purchasing all these little things you will be in need when taking care of the newborn.

Among the feeding essentials, you should opt for nipple cream or ointment, nursing bra, breast pads, etc. when planning for breastfeeding the kid. You can also have some bottle-feeding accessories like feeding bottle, burps, wipes, preemies bottle etc. in your newborn nursery.

All these things contribute to a great extent to make the feeding sessions more convenient for the baby and easier for you as well.

09. Breast Milk Demand vs. Supply:

A great number of moms out there wonder whether their breast milk is sufficient to meet the need of the newborn. It’s indeed a point you should be concerned of as a mom, right? However, many moms, especially those blessed with a kid for the first time, encountered with a killing though!

Am I starving the kid? And, thus they lose their confidence, quit breastfeeding too early without consulting a lactation expert, and go for formula milk.

As a concerned mom, it’s so natural that these types of questions will pop up in your mind at random, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, opting for formula considering that your breast milk is not enough for the kid is nothing but a bad practice. If you are doing such, I would definitely say- you are depriving the kid while trying to provide it with enough milk.

First of all, breast milk production system works following a natural pattern, demand vs. supply. Plus, newborns have a very tiny stomach at their birth. So, naturally, they cannot intake much breast milk at once, right?

Then again, breast milk gets digested quickly and easily than the formula. As a result, it should not be an issue if your baby seems hungry even after frequent nursing.

So, keep your eyes on to detect the hunger cues and make sure to respond to its need within the shortest possible time, at least before their cry turns scream.

And, if you really produce less breast milk than your kid’s demand, take an immediate step and consult a lactation expert. Besides, focus more on the ways you can try to produce sufficient amount of breast milk to meet your baby’s demand instead of going for bottle-feeding.

10. Have Someone to Support the First Few Days:

Well, you might feel down, but the truth is- your baby’s behavior might be different from what you have gone through in the baby books, parenting blogs and forums. Don’t WORRY! It’s completely natural and nothing wrong with that. Rather, have someone experienced by your side, especially in the first few days, to support you and guide you on the right path.

In this case, you can make the best use of the time when spending the first few days at the hospital after delivery around the doctors, nurses, and nursing experts. Remember to learn the basics of breastfeeding including feeding positions as well as using the nursery accessories.


Apart from all these, you always have the option to have someone like a professional caregiver or nursing expert. Feel free to ask for their service if you don’t have someone from the family or friends to support you in the first few days.

By the time you scrolled down to this particular portion of our post titled “Top 10 Ways to Preparing for Breastfeeding Before Baby Arrives” we expect that you read between the lines. Hope the post was helpful, easy to read, and detailed enough to offer you better preparation for breastfeeding before your newborn arrives.

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