Share Your Parenting Experience and Win A $1000 Yearly Scholarship

​​​We at Welcome Parenthood are mainly concerned with guiding the parents who are going to experience the taste of parenthood for the very first time. We share various tips, tricks, and guideline related to parenting while our sole aim is to make parenting a lot easier. 

To reach our goal, as well as the target of this particular parenting blog, we share parenting hacks from the beginning of the time a mom conceives till her kiddo becomes a preschooler.

Along with sharing parenting tips and guidelines, we also publish reviews of various parenting gears suggested by professional baby nursing experts to make parenting more convenient and enjoyable.

In recent times, hundreds of parents around the world contacting to thank us and asking for answers to their queries related to parenting. Another thing that pops up so frequently is- how to make parenting more enjoyable along with maintaining usual day to day life.

So, to add more value, the author of the blog Angelica Murdock has decided to introduce our readers to “Your Real-Life Parenting Experience” to motivate our readers and make their parenting experience smoother and more enjoyable.

We are truly proud to announce a $1000 Parenting Scholarship each year for the readers and the parents who are blessed with a little angel. You too can be a part of the program and can be the luckiest winner sharing your parenting experience with any of the following topics!

Now, if you think you are capable to motivate our visitor with your words and personal parenting experience, don’t hesitate to be a part of the parenting scholarship program. Just contact us immediately fulfilling the requirements for the scholarship program.

As an applicant for the parenting scholarship program, you are bound to agree to the terms and conditions of the program. In order to be counted as a valid candidate, you need to submit a content with your application for the program.

You can submit either an HD graphical content of 3:30 to 5:00 minutes or a well-researched, unique, and plagiarism free article on the following topics. Your piece of writing must be of 800-1000 words, and of course in Microsoft Word .docx format. The topics for graphical content can also be the same with a little modification if you think it is required.

Topics of the Content:

  • Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Baby Play Gears for Parenting
  • Top 10 Reasons of Using Parenting Gears as A Working Mom
  • Which One Do You Prefer: Breastfeeding or Bottle-feeding? Give Your Account
  • How Do You Manage Your Parenting and Household or Job Responsibilities?
  • Have You Ever Tried Any Baby Gears Listed Above? Share Your Personal Experience with The Particular Baby Gear

Guideline for Graphical Contents:

For graphical content, you need to appear on the screen, be it a slideshow or a video clip. The footage you submit must be recorded in HD (720p X 1024p) format.

Who Are Eligible for the Parenting Scholarship Program?

If you are a high school, college, or university graduate/undergraduate, you are eligible to be a part of the scholarship program. Child bearing moms, even parents of preschoolers can also participate in the program as well.

The piece of article you will write for us, or the Videography, must be informative, engaging and provide value to our readers.

The applicant must be a permanent citizen of USA, Canada, or the UK.

Application Procedure:

When you are ready with any of the contents mentioned above in our Terms & Condition section for the program, feel free to apply with the following details.

  • check
    Personal Information: (First & Last Name, Valid Address, and Phone)
  • check
    Name of the Educational Institution
  • check
    Major Field of Study

Note: Remember to attach a valid document that contains the proof to be a student of that institute.


By applying to the parenting scholarship program, you hand over the copyright of your content. It means that the authority of the scholarship program will hold the copyright of the content you submitted to be considered as a valid candidate for the program. And, they can publish, use, re-use, or reproduce the content with or without any notice.

By submitting the piece of your writing, you are allowing us to use the content for advertising and marketing purposes. You will hold the copyright of the content, however; you do not have any obligation even if we use the piece for affiliate promotions.

Deadline for Submission:

For 2017 Parenting Scholarship Program, you need to submit the content by the date mentioned below. We offer the scholarship program every year. Don’t be upset if you miss the deadline for this year. Keep visiting for our next scholarship announcement.

Application Deadline: 31st December, 2018

Winner Will Be Announced: 15th January, 2019

Note: Your application must reach us by 31st December, 2018, (00:00 EST). Winner will be contacted through a valid channel i.e. by the Authority of the winners’ Educational Institutes or the Office where you are currently working.