15 Things You Must Know Before Traveling with a Newborn Baby

It won’t be a wonder if you worry too much about traveling with your newborn baby as a first-time mom. Most of the conscious moms like you out there also feel the same as you do when taking your little one outside the home, no matter what the distance is.

Again, it seems like traveling with one baby is way more difficult than traveling with two or more, to many parents. It may sound silly to you at the very first sight, but trust me, it is!

However, to cope with the situation and deal with everything right, new parents need to know some tips, tricks, and travel hacks. And, that’s the sole purpose of our post today.

Traveling with a Newborn

A few days back, my husband and I took our 8 months old baby boy with us to visit my parents’ home on the eve of Father’s Day. Generally, you may think of keeping your travel bags light for your convenience as we used to do, but when you have a baby, forget about this idea.

If you don’t know what to take with you and what not, you may have to pack your whole house with you because you never know what is going to be needed in every situation. Anyway, keep scrolling to the bottom of the page and arm yourself with the required knowledge before you set out for Traveling with a Newborn Baby!

When Is Your Baby Ready for Flying?

Actually, there is no certain age limit for taking your infant to fly. However, you must keep in mind that the immune system of the newborns is not strong like you, me, and the fellow parents out there. Therefore, there might be some risks like your child may catch germs easily if the child is under a month. Anyway, consulting the pediatrician can be the best practice in such cases, and of course, before you take your child for travel.

What to Do When Traveling with a Newborn?

It’s not an easy task to travel with your infant. And, chances are there that your journey can be a mess that you have never expected. However, the bright side is- if you are well planned and organized, you can surely deal with any situation you might encounter. Here are some most effective tips that I personally follow when traveling with your baby. Let’s check them out without delay!

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Grab a Window Seat:

I wonder who would not want a window seat? I love to sit by the window but before my baby was born, my husband used to sit by the window sometimes as he also loves that seat. However, after the birth of my son, my husband allows me to sit by the window all the time while we are on a flight.

When you are planning to travel with your baby, try to grab a window seat, it will give you privacy to breastfeed your baby when needed. Plus, the window acts like a wall where you can lean if needed.

Again, the window seat is wonderful while traveling as it allows to see the outer view that most people enjoy when on the flight or even when chasing the road.

When on the flight, if you can manage a window seat, both you and your baby can enjoy the outside view together and the bright sunlight can benefit your baby with vitamin-D at the same time. On the top of that, the window shade also helps the baby to have a quick nap too.

Take Someone with You:

When traveling with kids, always plan to set out when any one of your near ones is free to give you time. It can be your husband, your sibling, a friend or any other family member you can rely on. You can relax for some time when you are traveling with a companion and even take a bathroom break when you badly need it.

They can assist you to pick something up from your handbag while you are carrying your baby or can help you find out something during a flight.

Personally, I always try to travel either with my husband or with my sister since I conceived for the first time. Trust me, they are a good help when I am with my baby boy. Not just to get these benefits, for your safety and comfort, I suggest you not to travel alone with your baby.

Take Soft Toys:

Pack some soft toys along with you while traveling with a newborn. You don’t need to grab too much to soothe the baby. Try to find out what the child likes and pack those things only. Just keep one thing in mind that the smaller the better.

Also, check out at home which one is loud and avoid taking that toy. It would not be a pleasant thing for the other passengers sitting beside you if the toy is too loud. Entertain your baby when he/she is awake and speak to the baby in a soft and caring voice to keep everything at the place as you go.

Go for Formula Food:

I understand that formula milk is not good for babies under 6 months but while traveling, you will definitely need some. You cannot breastfeed the baby very often as people will be around you but you need to feed your baby timely. So, I would like to recommend you to bring a baby feeder and feed your baby when it shows hunger cues or as per your schedule.

While traveling with my son when he was too young, I used to carry formula milk when on board though I choose to breastfeed both my kids. It helped me a lot during those times. Anyway, if you have a premature baby and you couldn’t help traveling with it, make sure you have the preemie feeding bottles with you before you step outta home.

Bring Your Baby Carrier:

You should never forget to bring your baby’s carrier while traveling. Almost all the airlines will let you take the cart only to the plane door. You will get it back when the baggage is regained.


Then only a baby carrier will help you to save your hands at that time. You can do other works such as placing the handbags or making space to let your baby down to sleep. Whenever I put my son in a carrier, he falls asleep which is always a bonus for me.

If your little one is not yet ready for the baby carriers, you can also try baby sling carriers that will allow you to keep your child close to your heart while you will stay hands-free.

Only Pack the Necessities:

Pack the necessities one night before traveling. To avoid extra loads, I would like to suggest you pack only the things you as well as your little one will be in need.

Again, make sure to double check if you have taken diapers, blankets, plastic bags, anti-bacterial wipes, rash cream, tissues, extra clothing for the baby, socks, sun hat, extra nipples, water bottle, breast pump (if you need), portable stroller, baby shampoo, baby oil/gel, baby soap etc.

These are the basic things for the baby and you will need these wherever you are. Again, if you have started having periods after giving birth, don’t forget to pack your personal care items as well. I usually start packing my bags 3-4 days earlier for any schedule travel so that I don’t miss anything I will be in need on the go.

Travel When Less Rush:

It’s another important thing you can consider to have some added benefits when traveling with kids. Always try to travel during off-pick hours to avoid the rush. When there’s rush, you may fall in trouble to visit with your newborn baby.

As the baby is too little and you are a new mom, you will naturally need space to manage yourself as well as the baby which is quite impossible if you travel on a pick hour.

Contact with the airlines to get an inquiry about the number of passengers. They will also help you know which time is suitable to travel with a newborn baby. Don’t hesitate to ask the airlines for the necessary information before setting out with your dear little one.

Wear a Maternity Bra:

Remember to purchase a high-quality maternity bra, also known as the nursing bra and wear it while traveling with your newborn baby. Maternity bra comes with a button that can easily be opened anywhere to feed the baby.

I would like to suggest you wear a nursing bra whenever you are outside the home to avoid inconvenience even if you bottle-feed your kid most of the time.

Bring Easy to Bear Travel Kits:

Personally, I always bring travel gears that are easy to bear. I buy kits that can serve for two or more purposes. This idea saves time, space, and money at the same time. Try to go for a handy travel gear that can be fitted to the baby stroller, best convertible car seat etc that will make your travel more easier.

Wear a Ring Sling When Needed:

When you are in the immigration queue, you may need to stand up for a long time. Carrying your baby is quite impossible at this time though chances are there that the immigration officers may consider your circumstance.

I would like to advise you to have your ring sling and put your baby into it while you are there. Moreover, you can do other things making your arms free when carrying your little one using a baby sling or ring sling.

Take Precaution:

There are few countries in which malaria, filaria, dengue is endemic. Talk to the reception of the airlines to know about such things so that you can take precaution to avoid these diseases. Then consult a doctor to take medication for these diseases and maintain further safety.

Forget About Watching Films:

If you are planning to watch movies during your flight, I would say, you are absolutely wrong. The flights may not be kid-friendly all the time. You will be busy in nursing your baby almost all the time of your journey.

If you ask me about my experience, I would say, I did not get much time to finish a movie for the last one year due to my son. He always keeps me busy as you know, kids always expect your attention.

Avoid Overdoing Free Drinks:

Do not overdo with the free drinks served by the airlines. You need to be hydrated of course but try to keep it in the limit. Otherwise, you will need to visit the bathroom frequently which is not convenient with a baby carrying on arms. Moreover, unclipping and re-clipping the seat belt will be very much disturbing for you and the person sitting beside you as well.

Get a Side Bag for Handy Baby Items:

You know some baby essentials are there in your luggage that you will need frequently during the flight, right? Remember to have a side bag that you can keep down to your seat and get the handy baby essentials without troubling the side by passenger.

Make Sure to Reach the Airport Early:

If you see that there is enough time for you to get ready and you can relax for a while now, you are wrong! Time runs too fast when you are with a baby, right? You won’t know how quick time flies.

Try to reach the airport at least an hour before your flight otherwise, you may end up with something never happened to you in your lifetime.

Yes, you read it right, you might miss the flight! Last year on a trip, I was about to miss a flight to Tokyo. I thought I have enough time but I could not imagine being late.

My husband saved me at the eleventh hour sharing some chores with me or I had to cancel the trip anyway. So, make sure to reach the airport before the flight so that you don’t have to hassle with a kid on your lap.


By the time you scrolled down to this particular section, I expect that you went through the lines above and came to know some most important traveling hacks, especially when traveling with a newborn. Now, it’s your turn to prepare yourself for the next move keeping these things in your mind and get going! Hope the post was helpful and you enjoyed reading.

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